Ilya - 6 Years Old

Native Russian 

Learns English

Working with young students is great. I tutor this fine young man who spoke NO English when we started. Today he is at the Cambridge B1 level after only 6 months. His brother Nazar is 11 years old. He is a B2 level after 1 year of my lessons. I tutor them twice a week,

Working with young children is so much fun and rewarding!

Real Student

Real Results



University & English Center Students

I work with university students and students at English Centers. Some need help because the are falling behind. Other students wanted advanced English skills for career opportunities. These are my students from Vietnam.


I not only taught 3rd and 4th year university students, I was also in charge of the Masters program for Business Executives working on their MBA degrees. 

Real Students

 Proven Results

Executives & Resort Staff

Executive Level Business English for Companies & Employees

Learning or improving ones English skills positions you with greater opportunities in the forever growing global work environment. I tutor executives of Fortune 1000 companies across the world such as Dell, LinkedIn, Mercedes to name a few. 

I write resumes, prep executives for interviews and work on written communications such as formal emails vs. informal. Please see my success stories.

Real Students 

Happy Employers