Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this help my child?

When your child feels that they have someone available to help them and see progress, your child will feel more confident, less overwhelmed, and hopefully again as we catch up on their work and improve their standing among peers and teachers in their classes.

2. How often must they attend class?

Hopefully, they will want to enjoy the lessons as they figure out it will help them with their grades and they will feel better about learning English. A minimum of twice a week is needed, three or more is better. It depends on your schedule, your student's schedule, finances, and my schedule.

3. How will they join the live classroom?

15 minutes before our scheduled class, a link from ZOOM will be sent to your student's email with and Off2Class link. Your child just clicks on the link and opens the video. It normally takes one or two attempts to get this figured out. 

Email link:

  1. You will receive an email invitation from the meeting host

  2. Click on the link in the email (join via PC, Mac, iOS or Android)

  3. You will enter the meeting

4. How will you know where to start tutoring?

When you submit a contact form to me, your child will be sent a no-cost English Language Evaluation Test based on the American Common Core Standards.  After sending the evaluation to me, I will know where to start. Also, getting organized and caught up with current schoolwork, improving grades will be a priority. 

5. How will you communicate with my child if they speak only a little English?

I teach students of many languages, Russia, Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish. There are many ways to translate languages seamlessly. Language translator, pictures other ways of communicating are they easy part.

5. Can I have two children or more in one class?

Yes, I am willing to work with two students at a time, (children, teenagers or adults) as long as they are close in language skills and each has their own email address. They can share a screen but homework is assigned to their email for tracking purposes. The cost will remain the same $20.00 an hour.

6. What is the cost per hour?


Please see pricing.

7. How do I pay you? 

For the first 30 days, each payment needs to be made at the time of the lesson.

After the trial period, you will be sent a monthly invoice and can pay the bill by 

Paypal or an automatic monthly charge will be billed to your credit card on the 30th of each month.

8. Where are you located?

Presently, I am working in the western hemisphere, Latin America, United States, Canada plus I have long term students in Vietnam and Russia.

9. What are your qualifications?


4 years teaching online (6 - 16 years of age)

Presently, I am an 8th and 12th-grade teacher in Mexico

American Teaching Certificate - Arizona

Master Degree

Bachelor's Degree

TEFL - Young Learners

TEFL - Business Conversation

TEFL - Examinations

TEFL - 120

10. When will I see results?

Depending on the student's motivation and the relationship we build. Results can be seen after the first, second to the third lesson. You will notice a great deal of improvement within 30 to 60 days. Sometimes sooner depends on each student.

11. Will you work directly with my student's teacher?

At times, I may interact with the students present English teacher to learn what work needs to be completed, what options do we have to catch up late work and any observations the teacher may have to offer. Most of the time, speaking with the teacher is not necessary.

12. What if my student doesn't like the lessons?

I will find out why and if your student does not feel he/she is benefiting from the tutoring sessions then we stop.

13. How fast will my students see results?

The students will feel more organized and show improved self-esteem between the first and third lesson. If the student truly engages in the tutoring lessons, you will see immediate results and a happier child.

14. What else will my student feel?


Your student will feel prouder, less peer pressure, less being made fun of, and admiration by those students who wish they were improving. Also, the top students may show a new respect for your student, overall improving self-esteem and learning a valuable lesson, "I can do it if I want!". Plus, your child's current teacher will change their attitude towards them as they will see a great improvement and the relationship will show improvement in most cases.

15. Cancellations

 There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. If of course there is a sudden sickness or emergency you will not be charged for the lesson. However, if short term cancellations become a pattern, we will need to talk about the schedule, students' interest, and change our strategy.

16. Referrals

If you know someone, a family, or a student who is struggling, if they contact me and we determine that my services can help and they become engaged with off2english, you will receive one hour of tutoring at no charge. Please have your referral let me know that you were the one to suggest off2english.

17. What equipment do I need?

Computer, laptop or Ipad, earphones, internet connection, and a quiet place for learning at home.

18. What time are the lessons?

Lessons are scheduled at your convenience, this will be discussed during the initial consultation.

19. Will they have homework?

Occasionally, as we complete a chapter, I will require the student to take a test to determine if they have learned the subject matter adequately. This is my way of measuring progress.

20. What will be covered?

We use Cambridge and Common Core Standards.