October 15th, 2020

Executive at a Fortune 500 Company improves his English, 2 Cambridge Levels in less than 75 days.

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July 27th, 2020 - 1st English Assessment

October 14th, 2020 - 2nd English Assessment


Reference letter from Academia Europea:


El Salvador, Central América 


Two whom it may concern,


Kimberly Martin

Online English Tutor


I met Ms. Kimberly Martin when she was teaching Native English in my school. Throughout her work in my institution, I had the opportunity to accompany her on several projects with the children where she acted as an excellent online tutor.

Ms. Kimberly Martin always focused on how her lessons would have the best result. She knew she wanted to give always the best of her as a teacher. I believe that Kimberly would be an asset to your company, as she brings a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm. She is a very bright and qualified professional to work around.

I know that Kimberly also would be an excellent addition to your international team. When I worked with her at the school, I was impressed by her ability to communicate the lessons to our students. During the time I worked with her, she was personally responsible for adding several new ideas that improved our way to teach English as a second language. she has been efficient, professional, organized, and a fantastic online tutor. She has my highest recommendation for any position.

Please feel free to contact me at (503) 78659658 or if you need any additional information or clarification.




Licdo. José Aparicio Marquina

General Supervisor

Colegio Bilingüe Academia Europea

Reference letter from Nguyen:

My son was 11 and having many problems in school with English. Ms. Kim was a Professor at the University and I asked her if she could work with my son, Nam. Ms. Kim worked with him three times a week and we saw immediate results. After several months, Nam was able to perform his work at school and was able to manage his homework by himself. This was a huge relief for Nam and the whole family. I would recommend Ms. Kim to anyone whose child is struggling in school with English.

Reference letter from Maria B:

To whom it may concern:


Ms. Kim has been Godsend for our son in regards to his schooling. She was recommended to us and within several months, our life became easier. No more calls from the Principal, no more calls from the school counselor. Ms. Kim developed a close relationship with our son and to this day remain friends. Our son is a different student and will graduate with his class this year! 


Kind regards, Maria

Reference letter from Vladimir D.

 ... Kim is amazing! My sons, 6 and 11 have been tutoring with her for over two years. My sons are Russian and English is required for their education. After testing several teachers and tutors, we found Kim. The boys love her, she teaches them each twice a week and they are always excited to go online and "play" with her. My oldest son Nazar is performing at an A level in English at his Russian school. My youngest son, who could not speak any English when they started, now reads, speaks, understands and his writing is well beyond his age requirements.  


Thanks, Kim   


Sincerely, Vladimir  

Reference letter from Jose M.

 ... Ms. Kim helped me a lot. I hated English because I had no idea what was being taught. Ms. Kim worked with me twice a week and within two weeks, I felt more organized and was able to start to understand the lessons. Without Ms. Kim, I would not have passed my English class. My Mom and Dad are very happy.  

Reference letter from Jasmine N.

To whom it may concern: 

I have two twin girls, my daughter Thuy was excelling in her English classes and loved learning. Her sister, Ana was miserable and failing her English class. We live in Vietnam and English is required for graduation.

I was told about Ms. Kim while I was talking with the school counselor. I heard she was very good working with challenged students but also as I looked for different tutors, she was more expensive. I decided to go with a less expensive Vietnamese tutor, Ana and this tutor tried for 3 months to get Ana interested in English, learning, and homework. It was a waste of time and money.


As a last effort, I met with Ms. Kim. She and Ana connected quickly and Ms. Kim laid out a learning plan to help get Ana organized and back on track. It worked well!


As I look back, Ms. Kim was well worth the money, I would have paid her more as she helped Ana so much, our whole family stopped all the fighting (the girls are teenagers) and arguing and we stopped thinking we were terrible parents.

If you have the opportunity to have your child work with Ms. Kim, you will be highly satisfied!

Sincerely, Jasmine